Wandering in the forest next door ….

While walking Watson (my 150 lb Chocolate Lab) today, I noticed how the forest rangers had been clearing out old trees and opening up space for the sun to reach the bushes and new trees on the ground. They do this so the forest remains healthy – so the lower level bushes and new trees can grow. The thought hit me that this is exactly what entrepreneurs need to do to keep their businesses growing.

Clearing out dead trees in your business can be a difficult and emotional task. You planted so many of them yourself, and were proud to see them grow. However, as time changes all things, some of your plantings have become old and weak while others are taking over and killing the growth or forward momentum of your enterprise.

This is business planning season. Before you ring in the New Year 2013, take some time to critically examine your business for time wasters, money wasters and projects that are taking your business in a problematic direction.

Keep your efforts aligned with growth and forward motion. Unfortunately, during difficult economic times, every entrepreneur must compromise to keep the doors open. We often take on projects that sap our productivity and draw our enterprise out of alignment with our strategies and goals.

Now is the time to start identifying those areas of your enterprise and removing them, like the forest rangers are removing the unhealthy aspects of the forest next door.


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