Re-inventing a business – The Mission

I discovered an outstanding article that describes exactly what I have been seeing increasingly over the last few years, and it is one reason I am moving my services into the coaching/mentoring arena from startup consulting on a project basis.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, most young entrepreneurs just out of school come with planning and structuring knowledge, and so do the new wave of 2nd career entrepreneurs.

I am finding that my clients really want to have a chance to talk over their ideas with a real pro who has seen just about every business model and every problem. It is always amazing to me how much get accomplished in these little brainstorming sessions, and over the years, clients have always raved about my positioning sessions.

Defining your niche

This post is all about defining what I really am going to be doing: Offering my experience and skills for your benefit through coaching/mentoring. Apply the same analysis of where your business is trending, which of your strengths fit with the trend, and what your customers have always valued most about your products or services. This is your mission.

This post is also about the article that pretty accurately describes why entrepreneurs need to be able to talk privately and confidentially about some very sensitive situations. I have been a fiduciary for 40 years, and apparently my clients find that helpful. I highly recommend it …

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship by Jessica Bruder

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