Is Digital Retardation a New Need to be Filled?

In my lifetime, I have noticed social change. In my parents’ generation, intimacy was mostly saved till marriage. In the 1950s things were pretty much Ozzie & Harriet. In the 1960s the Pill and rock & roll changed all that. AIDS put a big damper on free love, but as the computer became more prevalent in our lives, things started to change … particularly with the Internet and now with smartphones and easy connectivity nearly everywhere.

My friend, Rob Frankel, has always been a vanguard in his opinions on what’s around the next turn. I have rarely seen him so passionate as in this article titled Digital Retardation:

Here is my favorite line out of the blog, which should get you thinking about [1] a need to be filled, and [2] how this might become a social outrage in the foreseeable future:

“Critical thinking  and personal interaction skills — both of which are hugely lacking and contributing to an unprecedented atomization of our society.”

He goes on to point out some tech-inspired social habits that are doing us wrong. You can see it starting out in Internet addiction treatment … what is next? 

“Still think you can pay your way out of your problems?  That technology is the wonderful panacea Apple and Google and Microsoft keep telling you it is?  Really?Maybe it’s time you did some critical thinking of your own.

I like to help my clients watch for what ‘thought leaders’ are saying and apply it their own business planning and strategy. This might be something to think about …




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