Beware The “New Normal” Recovery — Things Are Going To Be Different

The most important thing to remember about this recovery is that it isn’t proceeding the same way recoveries always have brought the country into full economic health. One reason is that low Fed interest rates are making it difficult for banks to lend to anyone other than the most secure borrowers. This means most of the money that normally goes into small business to get the economic recovery going, is instead going to publicly traded companies that are buying back their own stock, institutional investment funds that are engaging in high frequency trading, offshore investments, and other places that don’t help Main St. business.

However, there are signs that business is starting to gain a little life. Take manufacturing, for instance. Textile manufacturing is starting to return to the U.S. but it is in the form of automated factories run by robots. To compete with goods produced by low-cost labor in lesser-developed countries, U.S. manufacturers have had to figure out inexpensive ways to produce goods. Robots are just one aspect of the “New Normal.”

If you have a business, one of the most important things you can do right now is to make sure your business model integrates with the “New Normal” …

This article might give you some ideas:


What Is Organizational Integration?

Organizational integration happens when a company’s internal and external factors successfully mesh. Every company, large or small, has certain internal characteristics such as management style, systems, organizational structure, strategy, staff and organizational culture. External characteristics include the company’s mission or business model, input and output, the economy, technology, political factors, social factors and stakeholders. Identifying the degree of organizational integration is a way of evaluating the company’s success and discovering ways to improve. (more)


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