Victoria Duff is chief executive of her own company, aBusinessPlan.com. She advises startup and small to mid-size companies on concept, structure and reorganization, Internet strategy, business plans, SEC documents, investor relations, and reorganization plans. Her specialty is corporate problem solving and teaching her clients how to ‘bootstrap’ their companies to create value before going after major funding.  Duff founded aBusinessPlan.com in 1998 in response to the increasing number of Internet companies and the growth of the new Internet economy and morphed that business into Bold Ventures Group in 2001. Clients include Spiderdance, ITECH, ConstructionGuys.com, LatinoGear.com, Xaphon, CorpHQ, PaperlessLoans.com, 3CIM.com, Safeguard Technology, My Personal Salon, Circles of Life, Veltex Corporation, and i-Mobilize among many others.  She also served as interim CEO of GoVacations.com.


Duff was one of the first executive women in top-tier Institutional Investment Banking on Wall Street, holding such positions as Institutional Vice President of Prudential Bache and Wells Fargo Bank’s Treasury Department, Loeb Rhoades, Blyth Eastman Dillon and Spencer Trask. Duff was one of an elite corps of institutional bond specialists serving in the capacity of top-level business development, marketing, strategic planning, quantitative and technical analysis, business cycles consulting, negotiation and project management, as well as the creation of new products and services aimed at solving a company’s cyclical cash-flow, tax and pension fund problems. During the late 1980s, Duff’s daily volume of business was $1.5 billion.  Her clients included Chrysler, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Citibank Trust, US Steel, Texaco, IBM, American Express, and Capital Group, among others.


Duff is a past director of the International Board of the Association of Internet Professionals and past-president of the AIP Los Angeles Chapter, which is the leading trade association for Internet professionals worldwide. She is past president of Webgrrls International’s Los Angeles Chapter, Southern California’s largest networking organization for women in new media. Both chapters were in decline when Duff took over leadership, and as a result of her turnaround efforts, both now enjoy a healthy membership, organization and support from the region.  She was also one of the original founders of Women’s New Media Alliance, Digital Eve and FWE Southern California (the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs).


Duff serves as a Director on the Boards of the CEO Council and America’s Baby Cancer Foundation, and is on the Advisory Boards of numerous small to mid-size companies.  She has served on the Board of the LAEDC e-Commerce and New Media Task Force and was a member of the Digital Coast Roundtable Industry Relations Committee.  She is a well-known speaker and writer having written columns on business and Internet topics for the Digital Coast Reporter, Developments Magazine, About.com, eHow Money, Houston Chronicle, The Motley Fool, Zack’s Investment Research and numerous other print and online publications.


Duff earned her Bachelor’s Degree in public administration from the University of California, Berkeley. During this time, she interned for Senator Alan Cranston, and the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress.


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